Laurie RussellRepackaged: Plastic Bag Works

November 9-18, 2018

Sea Creature

With the ubiquitous plastic bags accumulated from grocery stores and other commercial establishments, Laurie Russell has developed a way to make wall reliefs, using yarn to sew the bags onto burlap stretched over a frame. The fact that the plastic bags have varying degrees of transparency allows her to combine colors in layers, thus enriching them, and to play with the text or the graphics on the bags. The bags, too, are fraught with contemporary content–as symbols of consumerism, eco-consciousness, and carbon footprinting.
Russell’s many influences include molas (the colorful fabric panels stitched by the Kuna Indian women of the San Blas Islands); African American patchwork, strip, and crazy quilts; the high-pile Finnish Rya rugs; the organic forms of Antoni Gaudí; aerial views of Peruvian croplands; stained glass windows; tile floors; and the humble potholder. These sources–remixed, rewoven, reimagined–converge in a body of work entitled Repackaged: Plastic Bag Works.
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