In School Programs

City Lore’s in-school programs bring together students, teaching artists, and teachers in a mutual endeavor to investigate how our cultures intersect, inspire and invigorate. Our students may learn from a traditional artist about dances from West Africa – and make connections with their favorite dance moves and what they learned in history about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Or, they may work with a contemporary artist who guides research into an entryway tradition from their home culture, and use it as source material for their original artwork. In all of our programs, students are invited to bring in their cultural and familial influences and to make connections with the classroom.  Participants in our school programs acquire tools and skills for investigating neighborhood, family, cultural traditions, and history, and learn to draw on  research to express ideas about their communities and the world through the arts. 

Key components of our artist residency programs include:

  • Customized programming to address the needs and desires of our partners
  • Collaborative residency planning time for Teaching Artists and classroom teachers
  • Experiential, skills-based learning through an art form with a practicing artist
  • Opportunities for both collaborative and individual art making
  • A project-based approach that emphasizes process and inquiry
  • Opportunities to analyze and respond to works of art
  • An interdisciplinary approach
  • Ongoing reflection and assessment
  • Opportunities for students to share what they have learned and created with an audience
  • Customized field trips to community settings and city cultural institutions
  • Experiences with arts exemplars through performances and exhibits by professional artists

What a City Lore residency might look like:

City Lore Signature programs include:

Homer to Hip Hop

Route, Routes & Rhythms

What We Bring

Artful Stories – folktale and story-based art-making

World Beat

A Life Well Crafted 

Immigrant traditions in theatre

City Lore’s education programs engage youth, families, and educators in exploring the role of the arts and culture in their own lives and in the lives of others, encouraging youth to see the arts as a powerful means for expressing their ideas and for understanding the world around them.