Who is a citizen? What rights is a citizen entitled to and what obligations does citizenship carry with it? What roles do cultural traditions and expressive arts play in how migrant and immigrant communities forge identities in their new homes and maintain cultural connections to their places of birth? These are some of the questions we will explore in our 2024 NEH Summer Scholar Institute, Somos Boricuas: Understanding Puerto Rican Migration and Community Building through the Arts and Humanities.

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July 14th – July 27th 2024 

NEH-funded Institutes are professional development programs that convene K-12 educators from across the nation to deepen their understanding of significant topics in the humanities and enrich their capacity for effective scholarship and teaching. 

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NEH’s eligibility requirements and City Lore’s application requirements
Deadline: March 5th 2024

The Somos Boricuas Institute will be offering stipends, which are intended to compensate participants for their time commitment and to help defray the costs of participation, which may include expenses such as travel, lodging, and meals, and technical support.

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