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DEBUT: 4 Poets x 1st Collections

DEBUT: 4 Poets x 1st Collections

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024
6:30pm  | City Lore Gallery

56 E 1st Street, NYC

With Ashia Ajani, Caitlin Cowan, Sebastian Merrill and Sahar Muradi

Join debut poets Ashia Ajani (author of Heirloom), Caitlin Cowan (author of Happy Everything), Sebastian Merrill (author of GHOST :: SEEDS), and Sahar Muradi (author of OCTOBERS), as they read from their first collections and share about the processing of making a first full-length poetry book. Books will be available for direct purchase by the authors. 
Ashia Ajani’s Heirloom explores concepts of spiritual nourishment, physical and emotional sacrifice, environmental injustice, sexuality, waste colonialism, abolition, and Black migration; these poems seek to address the trauma felt from environmental injustice and the familial wounds that are passed down as a result of historical neglect.
Caitlin Cowan’s Happy Everything is a postnuptial ghost story that Diane Seuss has described as “necessary, witty, painful, and brilliantly made.” This domestic elegy is not a book about bad men or a bad marriage: it’s a book about the ways in which women are asked to facilitate pleasure, be beautiful, and participate in capitalism as joy.
Sebastian Merrill’s GHOST :: SEEDS incorporates elements of magical realism and myth to explore and trouble conceptions of gender and identity. Putting a queer spin on the myth of Persephone, the central tension of this book-length poem is a dialogue between a transmasculine speaker and a figure that he conceptualizes as his ghost, the girl-ghost of the self that he left behind to become the person he is today.
Sahar Muradi’s OCTOBERS traces the four great tumults of the author’s life, all of which originated in that jagged month of different years: The US invasion and occupation of her native Afghanistan, the death of her father, the sudden end of a love, and the birth of her daughter. The poems chart heartbreak along a helix, progressively and recursively, where “echoes are inevitable.”


Mar 27 2024


6:30 PM


City Lore
56 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003

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