The Folksbiene Playhouse

for performing the rich legacy of Yiddish Theater every season since 1915 Folksbienne

Founded with the merging of several immigrant drama groups, the theater has entertained audiences for 85 continuous seasons and is the oldest Yiddish theater in the country. In its early days, amateur actors rehearsed and performed without salary after long hours at day jobs. As productions became increasingly professional, the Folksbiene helped raise the quality of Yiddish theater. Performances are in Yiddish with simultaneous English and Russian translation. Call (212) 213-2120 for information.

Virginia Hall

for fostering the artistry of African American quilting in the senior centers of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

As a child in North Carolina, Ms. Hall learned the art of quilting in her mother’s quilting bees. She preserves that tradition in circles she organizes in Brooklyn’s senior citizen centers. Ms. Hall describes the crazy-quilt tradition she knows and shares: “I think of bold colors as one of the African traditions…the bold, loud reds and stripes…you can do so many things with those stripes and make such beautiful patterns.”

Louis Mofsie

for bringing the traditions of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers to all New Yorkers

Mr. Mofsie is a dancer, musician, choreographer, artist, and retired elementary school art teacher. He helped to found the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers in 1963, hoping to preserve the music and dance traditions of American Indians so they would not be forgotten in urban areas such as New York City. Call (201) 587-9633 for information or to book the Thunderbird Dancers.

Armando Sánchez

for his mastery of son, the indigenous Cuban roots of salsa

Conga player, bandleader, and master of son — 20th-century Cuba’s most popular and influential music style — Mr. Sánchez is remembered for founding Son de la Loma, a group that served as the living bridge between the African roots of Cuban music and today’s contemporary salsa. After Mr. Sánchez’s death in 1997, members of his band reformed as Soneros de Oriente. Call Leo Fleming at (718) 597-8931 or Miguel Quintana (718) 842-0033 for information or to book the band.

Sing Out! The Folksong Magazine

for 45 years of commitment to folk music and the people who love it

Founded in 1950 by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Paul Robeson, and Alan Lomax, Sing Out! aimed to publish songs that “serve the cause of humanity.” At its peak of popularity in the ‘60s, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Peter, Paul and Mary were regularly featured in its pages. Saved from near financial ruin in the ‘80s, Sing Out!, now a quarterly magazine, is also busy with books and other multimedia efforts. Visit their website at

Tannen’s Magic Shop

for its role as epicenter of a flourishing subculture of professional and amateur magicians

Proprieter Tony Spina says magic is as old as mankind and there are wonderfully mysterious rituals surrounding the tricks of the trade. People of all ages flock to the store eagerly seeking admission to the secret society of magicians. Mr. Spina took over the shop from founder Louis Tannen in 1982, carrying on the tradition of generous congeniality at the store, located at 45 West 34th St, Suite #606 in Manhattan. Tannen’s also runs a summer camp. Visit their website at