Rawya El Chab |Theater and Storytelling

Artist’s Bio:

Rawya El Chab is a storyteller and teaching artist based in New York City. Her artistic journey has been shaped by classical theater training and immersive experiences in experimental and contemporary art forms. Having come of age in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war and the Taef agreement, Rawya has keenly felt the absence of official and historical narratives surrounding that tumultuous period.

At the heart of her artistic practice is storytelling, which she views as a vital tool for addressing this void. Through her work, Rawya endeavors to give voice to untold stories and illuminate the complexities and nuances of the events she recounts.

As a teacher she aims to provide her students with the tools and confidence to develop and own their own narrative. Rawya has been teaching in NYC for the past 4 years. Along with her colleague Leonie Bell, she has directed and produced two shows, A series of accidents or how I Rolled out of Bed, and the Bookworm Party, both devised by the students and presented at the Doxee, home of the Target Margin Theater. This year they are scheduled to present their show, Monster Prom (working title,) on the first weekend of December. 

Throughout her carrier as an artist, Rawya has actively participated in significant post-war Lebanese productions in Beirut. In her move to New York City, her first piece titled “The Meltdown” was produced by The Global Forms Festival. She also received a residency at Target Margin to develop “The Gambler,” which ran at the Loading Dock as part of the Exponential Festival in June 2022. Currently, she is in the process of developing her first solo performance titled “Lula 19/85 and the Pealrl of the Bekaa,” with the support of AFAC. The show is a sci-fi piece that tells the powerful story of her cousin, Loula Abboud. Loula was a freedom fighter who tragically sacrificed her life in 1985 while fighting against the occupation of her village, Al-Qaroon, in the North of Lebanon.

Through her compelling storytelling and exploration of the human experience, Rawya El Chab is dedicated to amplifying untold narratives and shedding light on historical events, to set the stage for thought-provoking and transformative experiences for her audiences.