Domingo Cruz | Visual Artist

Artist’s Bio:

Domingo Cruz, was born in Harlem, raised in Washington Heights and now lives in the South Bronx. Although he is a true New Yorker at heart, his heart also aches for the Dominican Republic and its culture; the country his parents immigrated from. Under his artistic name, CruDo, Domingo creates art that pays homage to both NYC and DR and their organic but colorful crossing of paths. Specifically, Domingo is trained in the Dominican Carnival, its history and how to elaborate their carnival masks. Facilitating many workshops around the subject in various institutions in the tristate area.

Domingo prides himself in creating art using sustainable materials. In fact, his artistic name “Crudo” means raw in spanish. Playing on the fact that he tries to reimagine items that are raw or already exist.  Reclaimed wood (plywood mostly as it is the most neglected wood), cloth, papier Mache, acrylic paint, and acrylic plastic, being his main go to. He brings all these materials together to create pieces that combine his knowledge of laser cutting, carpentry and papier Mache to uplift and educate those who enjoy his art. He also works very closely with the community that he loves as a cultural and self love ambassador. Seeking that connection with the community through an Art Bus he repurposed out of a retired mini NYC DOE school bus. This bus not only serves as his store and studio away from home but also as a cultural haven on wheels which he shares with inner city youth all around New York City. 

He has carried out his artistic practice for over several decades with institutions such as the Department of Education, ExpandED Schools, Rutgers University, The Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation, The BELL Foundation and the Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center in Washington Heights. Today, Domingo is a proud teaching artist for City Lore and brings what he has learned as an artist to continue to impact the lives of inner city youth in NYC. 

Domingo Cruz at City Lore:

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