Arianna Ballabio | Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance theater

Artist’s Bio:

Originally from Italy, I have been teaching and performing Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance theater) in the UK, France, Italy, India, Nepal.

I have been teaching creative movement and dance theater in NYC public and private schools, mainly with students from K to 5th grade. I believe in the importance of exploring the cultural roots of the community we are born into, but I think it is equally important to value and respect other cultures. And I believe the Arts can play a very important role in allowing students to get to know different cultures and learning to respect all differences. As an immigrant and a person who lived in different Countries in order to learn the Art Form I am so passionate about, I feel a deep commitment to be aware and supportive of the difficulties encountered by immigrant students in adjusting to a new reality here in NYC. I also feel that creative movement and dance represent a crucial way to explore and express oneself, beyond language barriers. And I believe each and every child should have the
opportunity to experience that. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation deeply inform my teaching. My teaching is also focused on the importance of respecting and healing the beautiful Planet we all live on. My lessons always contain a deep sense of connection, kindness and respect towards Nature and all beings with whom we share our life on this wonderful Planet Sharing my love for dance with children fills me with joy and I put all my heart into it.

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