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Deadline: March 1, 2018
Notification: March 31, 2018

Applications Will Open Fall 2017 — check back soon!

As an NEH Summer Institute, A Reverence for Words: Understanding Muslim Cultures through the Arts is designed principally for full-time and part-time classroom teachers and librarians in public, charter, independent, and religiously affiliated schools, as well as home schooling parents. This institute is restricted to educators at the middle and high school level, and it is recommended for teachers of world history and global studies, English language arts, social studies, religion, visual arts, and music. Other school personnel, including administrators, substitute teachers, and classroom professionals, are also eligible to participate. Please note that up to three institute spaces are available for current full-time graduate students who intend to pursue careers in middle and high school education.

Please review the complete eligibility criteria for participation in NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes here.


Teachers selected to participate as NEH Summer Scholars will receive $2,100. Stipends are intended to help cover travel expenses to and from the project location, accommodations, and ordinary living expenses. Please be advised that your stipend will not be enough to cover all of the costs associated with the institute. Summer airfares are high, and New York is an expensive city. We expect participants to spend $1,000 – $1,500 above the stipend, even more for lavish spenders. A portion of the stipend may be used for a deposit on accommodations. Payment will be by two checks, one at the beginning of the institute and one at the end. Stipends are taxable.


Educators are often interested in earning in-service credit through participation in summer programs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer credit for participation.


The opportunity provided by this NEH Summer Institute is academic and professional, not recreational or touristic. Attendance at every session (outside of optional events) is mandatory, and it is expected that Summer Scholars will be fully engaged in all aspects of the program.

At the conclusion of the Institute, each participant will submit a final project: a lesson or series of lessons based on the content of the Institute. Project Directors will hold office hours and at least two formal conferences with each Scholar to discuss their final projects. Summer Scholars will be given time during the Institute to work on and complete their final projects.

Application Guidelines & Submission

Applications Will Open Fall 2017 — check back soon!

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