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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Thanksgiving Day, 9 am
Central Park West, from 70th St to Columbus Circle
Broadway, 58th to 34th Streets

Millions watch this favorite New York parade, from city sidewalks and on television around the country. This parade has marching bands, grand floats, celebrity performances, even the Rockettes. But the giant balloons always steal the show. The crowd cheers as each character sways past, eight stories high and guided by a costumed team of carriers. Old favorites like Snoopy and Bullwinkle are joined by newcomers each year, a tradition since 1927. For a special treat: on the eve of the parade, thousands gather to watch the balloons come to life on the streets around the American Museum of Natural History. Betty Boop, the Cat in the Hat, Spider Man, Kermit—they’re all on display in varying stages of inflation, greeted by enthusiastic shouts of recognition by children and adults alike.

For more information: Macy’s, 212-494-2922,

last update: 9/2008

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