In an increasingly homogenized and corporatized New York City, it’s important for our students to discover the city’s rich urban folk culture and history. In partnering with City Lore’s Place Matters project, Parsons Illustration Department hopes to augment the existing database of information with original hand-drawn reports documenting the many intriguing and little known cultural treasures of our city. Students were asked to choose a location from Place Matters census, make several visits and document their experience in text and hand-drawn images. The results are an enduring record of the pleasures of urban life.

Stephanie Balbuena

Chasity Colon

Zeke Aszman

Steven Wong

Ruby Barresi

Sabrina Anderson

Jeena Raghavan

Zac Crawford

Suji Lee

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Katherine F. Sproul

Thais Reyes

Hyeeun Jung

Hazel J. Ng

Ashli R. Clarke

Jessica Roses

Makayla H. Hughes

Manuel Martinez

Bryn C. Pennetti

Katherine F. Sproul

Alexandra T. Gilbeaux

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Hannah Mullen