In Sense & the City annual tradition, I offer seven sensory delights for the seventh month.
1. Neighborhood tree fencing

This replica of the Brooklyn Bridge is outside Ted & Honey Café in Cobble Hill.



2. Peeled pineapples cut into spirals


Beside their fully clothed neighbors, they look at once flamboyant and vulnerable, like a woman in eveningwear on a morning subway.



3. Spools of thread in streetside tailors’ windows


The tidy spools of every hue mounted on a pegboard encapsulate New York’s quick-fix economy. 


4. Fire hoses at the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal


Coiled behind a grillwork cage and shuttered in a wooden cabinet: like everything else at these institutions, immaculately designed.

5. Mail-carrier instructions

Lest there be any confusion. President Street, Brooklyn.

6. Chase Bank, Brooklyn Heights

Classic and imposing, the way a bank ought to be. 


7. Subway-platform candy stands


Nowhere else do nuts, candy, chips, and batteries look as beautiful as on a gray subway platform.