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Seven tastes for the seventh month

In annual City Lore tradition, Sense & the City presents seven brief sensory experiences for the seventh month. Here, seven iconic New York City taste experiences from across the five boroughs.

  1. The huge mound of hand-whipped cream hiding in the fridge at the oldest ice cream parlor in New York City: Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills, Queens

2. Carrot salad and hand-pulled lagman noodles at Kashkar Café in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn—one of New York City’s only Uygur restaurants

3. Sweet, rich, and creamy Peanut Punch from Sybil’s Caribbean Bakery and Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Queens

4. New York City sidewalk hot dog pastry re-creation by SoHo’s Dominique Ansel Bakery

5. Sliced mango snack with lime juice, hot sauce, and salt, shaken in a plastic bag, available in subway stations and on sidewalks citywide

6. Chock Full o’ Nuts’ date-nut bread and cream cheese sandwich, a midcentury New York City snack staple, now sadly discontinued

7. Baked Alaska from Delmonico’s in the Financial District, where the famous baked frozen dessert was invented

Sense & the City is a monthly blog exploring the hidden corners of New York City. Each month’s post is devoted to one of the five senses. Receive daily sensory impressions via Instagram @senseandthecity.

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