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Mei Kazama

Mei Kazama | Multimedia Artist

Artist’s Statement:

Hello!  My name is Mei and I am a multimedia artist, which means I work with many different types of materials and tools to make my art.  For example, I work with ink, clay, wood, paint, collage, colored pencils, cameras, computers, saws … the list goes on and on! Besides my tools and materials, my everyday life and my cultural heritage are significant parts of my work.  What I see, feel, hear, smell, and even taste, all influence my work.  My everyday life is what makes my work my art. 

I was born and raised in the East Village of New York City and attended New York City public schools from elementary through high school.  Art class was one of my favorites and I was very lucky to have art be a part of my education, which makes me especially excited to be a part of students’ arts education experiences and to work with them through art.

I have always loved art and have been creating from a young age.  Much of this early inspiration and influence came from my neighborhood, the East Village, as it was always filled with different types of art.  There were images, sculptures, dances, music, clothing, and food from so many countries right at my fingertips. I did not realize it then, but my environment made art a natural part of my life.  This love of art was fed by the art programs I participated in at school and was further nourished by the vibrant neighborhood I called home.  Thus, I decided to attend Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in the Upper West Side: a special public school that offers instruction in many art forms.  It was there that I learned about drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. While art was my hobby in high school, it would later become my career during college.  

I travelled to many different countries in college and connected to each place and its people through art. I came to realize that art is the most valuable form of learning and communication and that I make art to ask questions and to begin understanding the world around me

There is so much that can be learned and made through art, and I hope you are excited to begin.  I look forward to learning more about each of you through the art we make!

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