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Hector Morales

HECTOR MORALES | Afro-Peruvian Percussion & Latin Jazz

Artist’s Statement:

During my teen years in Lima, Peru, I became familiar with jazz music and soon fell in love with it. The great jazz drummers became my idols and it quickly became my dream to come to the Untied States and learn jazz. I wanted to speak two musical languages born out of the same mother tongue, Afro-Peruvian and jazz. In 1999, I arrived in New York with all my clothes stuffed inside my cajón drum. I enrolled at William Paterson University and studied jazz.

My passion for music and for sharing it opened many doors for me, especially in schools, where I wanted to share the story of my people’s music with young people. Since 2003, I have been teaching in NYC schools through wonderful arts organizations like City Lore. My approach to teaching is as a mediator, a bridge between cultures, between sounds: the drum set with its cymbals and marching drums speaking the sound of jazz and the cajón with its cutting highs and deep low wooden tones speaking the sounds of Afro-Peruvian music. What would they say to each other?

Sample Residencies:


What students and teachers say about Hector:



  • Students practicing the Afro-Peruvian technique they have learned

To see Hector’s teaching in action and for a deeper look at our residencies, check out City Lore’s Arts in Education: Making Connections; a video which exemplifies the aims our teaching artists have for students during their residencies.

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