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DawN Crandell

Dawn Crandell | Dance, Theater Art & Poetry

Artist’s Statement:

My name is Ms. DawN and I am an interdisciplinary performing artist who creates in the intersections of movement and words. So, you’re probably thinking, “what does that even mean?” Well… I dance, I write, and I do theater, and I sometimes even combine them all, which I love! It is important to me to share a bit about myself and my art before I ask students to open up and share their creativity with me in the classroom. I have been dancing since I was a little kid, though I didn’t have any sort of formal dance training until I went to college. I became familiar with folk and visual arts through my mom, who is a visual artist that makes soft sculpture animals.  When I was younger we attended folk festivals together and she would sell her sculpture animals.  There would always be music at these festivals and it was here that I learned to dance with people and have fun, a skill I brought with me to college when I was finally able to take formal dance lessons. For me dance is the love of movement and a connection to people, and it should be fun! Even if dancing is not your favorite thing, I ask that students keep an open mind and I will do my best to make it fun for everyone.

As far as words go, I began writing poetry outside of English class assignments at the age of fourteen and I discovered it was a great way to express myself. When I didn’t feel comfortable or able to tell people what I was feeling through speech, I was able to write about it.

As a teaching artist I love sharing my joy for the arts with students. For me the arts are all about expression, connection and communication and I can’t wait to meet you all and create magic together!

What students and teachers say about DawN:

“Dear Dawn thank you for being patient with us all week long and being a great artist to us.”

With Love,

The Justice Girls from the Rural Migrant Ministry Camp in Holmes, NY

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