Roots, Routes, and Rythms

Roots, Routes, & Rhythms, is an arts in education program that engages third through and eighth grade students and their teachers in exploring the roots of contemporary music and dance cultures in their boroughs and neighborhoods. Students will research the roots and transmission routes of music and dance cultures that have origins in other parts of the world. They will meet key figures in these music and dance cultures living in or former residents of their own neighborhoods through classroom visits and neighborhood fieldtrips. Working with City Lore’s experienced teaching artists, they will learn to listen and look closely at live performances of music and dance. Roots, Routes, & Rhythms emphasizes arts that bridge home, school, and community. Our goal is to give students and their teachers opportunities to learn about their community’s role in the development of important music and dance genres so that they can begin to see themselves as part of rich and venerable traditions that are rooted in and contribute to global musical forms both past and present.

Student Work

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