Bashar Farran | Arabic and Jazz Music

Artist’s Bio:

I am a Lebanese musician, composer, arranger and teaching artist. I’ve been playing the bass  since 2004 and started teaching 7 years ago. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology (Jazz  Emphases) and a Master’s degree in Music Education (Jazz Concentration). I’ve been a  teaching artist in New York for 2 years. 

My music education philosophy is one that aligns with David Elliot’s. Everyone is a musician and  music education extends beyond the technicalities of modern into postmodern music  pedagogies. Being a musician extends beyond the understanding of music theory, harmony,  counterpoint and solfeggio. It is also about the relationship of the musician to their environment  and community. Understanding one’s environment, culture, and community as well as  internalizing ideals of inclusion, diversity, and empathy are essential to the development of a  musician. My pedagogical approach embraces these ideals. “Conduction” is a method that I have been working on lately where students participate in conducting and performing improvised music together. This method is fairly new and underutilized. The conduction method, developed by Butch Morris, is a unique approach to conducting improvised music. Instead of using a traditional score or predetermined structure, Morris created a system where he would give hand signals to guide the musicians in real-time. These signals would indicate various musical elements such as dynamics, tempo, and texture. The musicians would then respond and interact with each other based on these signals, creating a spontaneous and collaborative musical experience. This method allows for a high level of improvisation and flexibility, as the music can change and evolve in the moment. It’s a fascinating approach that blurs the lines between composition and performance.

My classes always follow a community based culture where music education takes place  naturally and smoothly. Students get to understand and experience music through movement,  dance, art making, group and individual explorations leading to a joyful culminating event.

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